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About Us

Growing up in a family with more than fifty (50) years of experience in the real estate business, Jonathan S. Cantor, President of Signature Home Builders knew at an early age that he wanted to be a builder. So after graduating from Ithaca College, he went into the construction and management business to hone his skills. Since that time he has gained even more valuable experience and know how being involved in every aspect of custom home construction. In 2004, Signature Home Builders was voted New Jersey Builder of the Year.


Signature Home Builders has a simple and direct approach in its concept and planning. It is our desire to provide an alternative to the production home built today, using a "hands on" approach allowing each buyer the opportunity to personalize their home by incorporating their specific needs. We strive for quality and professionalism in each phase of the home buying process from the sales team through the building process.


Signature is committed to the timely delivery of each home, using quality materials and labor in order to create a pleasurable experience to be passed on to friends and family. Customer satisfaction is our # I goal. All homes are scrutinized down to the last detail.


A home built by us has to be good because it carries our "SIGNATURE".

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